The importance of education in a person's life can never be undermined. That is why parents want to enroll their children in the best Montessori schools and build a strong academic foundation. So, if you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, investing in a Montessori school franchise can be an ideal option. However, before investing, there are several questions you must ask the franchisor. Let's consider some of the vital questions.

  • How Long Have You Been Operating in The Education Sector? 

When you are in search of the best school franchise in India, the first question you must ask relates to their experience. Make sure to get an idea of how long the franchisor has been in the education industry. The higher the years of operation, the better will be the stability and goodwill of the school among the parents. 

  • How Much Investment Is Required?

No doubt, opting for a school franchise can provide you with better cost savings and allows you to start your business without much financial stress. However, some initial investments are usually required. The investment actually varies a lot. That is why you must ask your school franchisor about the investment requirements. From the initial investment to the franchise fees, make sure to get an idea of all the costs involved. It will offer you more clarity and prevent any surprises at the last moment.

  • What Support Can You Expect?

When investing in a Montessori school franchise, the next question you must ask relates to the support offered by the franchisor. Most school franchisors offer quality support and assistance in the entire process of setting up the school. From finding the right location for the school to hiring the best teachers, they must assist you in everything. Moreover, reputed school franchisors also provide training to the teachers and equip them with the necessary skills to educate the children. They may even offer teaching aids and help you with your marketing efforts, and enable you to create more awareness.

  • What to Expect After the Launch of the School?

Most franchisors provide support and training during the initial phase. However, once the Montessori school is set up, they may just disappear. So, you need to ensure choosing a franchisor who can provide you with ongoing support even after the launch. After all, it is the consistent support of the franchisor that can help you grow your education franchise successfully. 

Ensure that there exist facilities for regular interactions with the franchisor. Moreover, the franchisor must be willing to offer training to the teachers and update their skills as per the changing demands in the education sector.


Investing in an education franchise is indeed profitable. However, choosing the right school franchisor is important. These are some of the vital questions you must ask while investing in a Montessori school franchise. Finding answers to these questions will make it easy for you to find the best school franchise in India. Make the right choice and get a chance to help students build successful academic careers.